Dennyemand – masculine polo shirts with style

When a team of young designers came together in 2013, a polo shirt was created from an idea, which radically challenges conventional polo shirts. It should mark the beginning of the Bochum-based men’s fashion company Dennyemand. The classic design, combined with accentuated patterns, but most importantly the straight cuts, shine the limelight on any athletic man’s body.

The quality of the materials used in Dennyemand polo shirts, the intensity of the colors and the individual design of the brand make their products instant eye catchers. To accurately represent the ideas of the label and clearly define the roots of the design they decided for the Danish “the new man” (= den nye mand) and the two sails of a boat, to symbolize a new beginning, which decorate the left side of every polo shirt’s chest as the company logo.

The men’s polo shirts by Dennyemand are masculine, striking and garnished with the characteristic, colored shoulder seam. The button bar, collar and cuffs are of contrasting color. The cut of the polo shirt is called “Muscle fit” and underlines the sporty body of a man, due to its figure accentuating shape. Men wearing polo shirts by Dennyemand are comfortable with being the center of attention. Because these shirts are special and different, they’re a sight to remember.