Sportkind polo shirts for men

Sportkind polo shirts – functional and high-quality

Gabi Windisch and Nadine Lux established the label Sportkind in 2009 with the idea of producing sportswear for kids. Functional, sporty, modest, yet nevertheless highly elegant is what Sportkind wants their new fashion to be. Their clothing is also available in smaller sizes, like 128 and below, and offers an adjustable cuff. Right off the bat their children’s clothing was so well received, that since 2012 Sportkind offers polo shirts, shorts, dresses, jazz pants, skirts, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, caps and tank tops for adults as well. Sportkind has been resembling high quality sportswear ever since.

  • Tennis clothing
  • Hockey clothing
  • Workout clothing
  • Team clothing
  • Running clothing

Sportkind manufactures their entire sports line from high-quality Italian materials in Europe (eco-tex-certified). Polo shirts by Sportkind are colorful, practical and breathable. The material feels very comfortable on your skin, is elastic and sun repellent (SPF 50+). Short sleeve polo shirts by Sportkind come in trendy colors and a slim cut. They shine a spotlight on any fit body, but are also available in classic white and blue for men who prefer settled colors. The polo shirt by Sportkind is ideally suited for sports, but still a great free time choice, because of its figure-hugging cut.