North Sails polo shirts for men

It all began with the birth of Lowell North in 1929. He loved sailing and in 1958 he built his first sail inside his attic in 1958. North Sails was born. No other brand can claim to be so deeply intertwined with sailing and windsurfing. The unmistakable blue and white logo was developed by student Joe Hand from San Diego and has meanwhile crossed almost all oceans. The sports brand ranks among the worldwide leading producers of sails and is represented in 29 countries.

North Sails – The brand of champions

Champions also value the quality of North Sails. Almost every winner of the America’s Cup since 1980 has been carried to the finish line with sails made by North Sails. Creating functional clothing was the company’s next logical step after producing sails, to make sure sailors and wearers are protected against wind, weather, and the ocean. However, it shouldn’t limit them in their flexibility and freedom to move.

North Sails sportswear for the fashion-conscious man of today

Numerous achievements in wind sports are responsible for North Sails rise in popularity. All sailing and windsport fans are perfectly equipped with North Sails sportswear, even those, who crave to be dressed modernly, trendily and classically in their spare time. Our customers especially love the polo shirts for men, which we offer in many state of the art colors. North Sails offers a wide spectrum of men’s polo shirts: from single-color polo shirts to polo shirts with fine details, such as contrasting color seams and nicely shaped patterns.

North Sails men’s polo shirts for all seasons

North Sails short sleeve polo shirts are usually worn combined with jeans and chino trousers in the summer. The modern man with a knack for fashion then completes his outfit with matching sailing shoes. If you prefer to remain classy, you can also combine our polo shirts with a suit and be sure to draw many looks. As the days get colder and air temperature sinks, you can easily make the switch to long sleeve polo shirts, which are available in a big variety of choices. All North Sails men polo shirts are made of at least 95% high quality cotton and guarantee longevity. It’s impossible to imagine contemporary men’s fashion without North Sails: Order your exclusive men’s polo shirts now at