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Polo Shirts for men

Customizable, stylish, sporty and timelessly elegant – like only polo shirt can

Long gone are the times in which men’s polo shirts were only worn doing sports. Who doesn’t remember Martina Navratilova, Ivan Lendl, Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker – the tennis champions of the 80’s, who always stood on court with a trendy polo shirt? You could find polo shirts at golf, tennis and on the racetrack, where elegantly dressed men and women wore shirts of diverse colors.

The stylish sports-, business- and leisure-look with colored polo shirts

Today polo shirts are classics, which suit every occasion: You can spot men with polo shirts everywhere – at festivities, going out to dinner at a nice restaurant, at work, during sports and leisure time. Their style is highly customizable – some like modern, stylish shirts more, others prefer classy and functional polo shirts. Our natural Haute Casual polo shirts are especially popular, since they’re incredibly comfortable to wear, because of integrated stretch material, come with a beautiful chest logo and seams of contrasting color – made of 95% certified organic cotton. Discover our top brand polo shirts now!

You can find men’s polo shirts in vastly different variants: Single-color polo shirts in black, brown, white and light-blue shape the elegant gentleman’s type, who likes to combine the polo shirt with a suit. The more noticeably colored polo shirts, for example in green, yellow and red, are more often worn during sports and leisure time. Two-colored polo shirts for men set subtle accents with contrasting colors on the collar and cuffs.

We dress the stylistically confident, fashion-conscious and even the fancy, yet casual man of today with a lot of different designs, colors and a figure-accentuating slim-fit line. To make your men’s outfit perfect, we’re throwing in a color matching pair of socks with your men’s polo in our polo-sock-set by Haute Casual.

A polo shirt for all seasons – just in case

No other piece of clothing in the men’s fashion world is as multi-compatible as the polo shirt. There’s no occasion, no season, in which a polo shirt would be inappropriate. During spring and summer one enjoys the short sleeve polo shirt just as much as in sports all year round or under a dinner jacket. As the months get colder, fall and winter are the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the comfort and warmth of a long sleeve polo shirt, which can be combined with every outfit. Our wide selection of brands stands for exciting, varied and ever-changing fashion. They’re must-haves for every stylistically confident man, fitting nearly all jackets, pants and shoes – and of course sitting nicely under a pullover.

Our whole collection is characterized by a very high, usually 100% share of cotton – either as double weave Piqué or with 5% elastane – and therefore reflects an absolute high quality standard, which makes our shirts pleasant and comfortable to wear.

The polo shirt: a fashion classic from the very start

First used as a light shirt during polo games in India, some say it was the result of the British’s desire for a uniform, who played polo with a new set of rules for the first time in 1869. Others argue the shirt came along in the beginning of the 20th century, as a light outdoor outfit for the polo sport, leaning on the hip-long jersey, which Indian aristocrats wore with the traditional Jodhpur-pants – an ideal fit for the subtropical climate in India. Either way, we’re glad about the invention of this shirt-classic! Its trademark, the collar, protects the players against the wind. Initially, the teams played in long sleeve shirts, which were replaced with the trendier short sleeve polo shirts later on.

The fact that the shirt classic is still connected to its sporty roots today is apparently owed to men’s outfitter John Brooks. His company Brooks Brothers believed in the fashionable potential for this piece of men’s clothing and saved themselves the rights to the name polo towards the end of the 19th century.

There’s one more name, which can’t be forgotten in the story of the polo shirt: René Lacoste, the French tennis professional, invented the polo shirt for men as we know it today in 1933. The well-known crocodile logo still shapes polo shirts by Lacoste today, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of polo shirts.

Casual understatement – meanwhile the polo shirt has become a fashion classic. It can’t be missed in any wardrobe. The men wear it doing sports, during leisure and free time, combined with Bermuda shorts, chino trousers or a pair of jeans. Thanks to the polo shirt, man’s search for style is over – he is always well dressed, the polo shirt always feels right at home, even under a dinner jacket. And we feel at home wearing it. A fashion classic is born!