Majestic Filatures polo shirts for men

Majestic Filatures – Luxurious understatement

Majestic Filatures has been developing high-quality t-shirts in Parisian workshops since 1989, treating them as the elegant clothing they deserve to be. Gorgeous fabrics, such as silk, cashmere, wool, linen, modal and leather turn every piece into something special.

Basic clothing, high standards

Reserved and muted colors make Majestic Filatures clothes basic all-rounders, which you can style based on your own preferences and wear on every occasion. The fine Majestic Filatures selection of t-shirts, shirts, dresses, vests, jackets and pants upgrades every wardrobe. All pieces are pre-washed to avoid shrinkage and warping.

Polo shirts for men by Majestic

Soft, robust, elegant and pure – that’s men’s polo shirts by Majestic in a nutshell. Clear, muted colors and a “second skin” look and feel make these high quality polo shirts your perfect everyday companion without laying it on too thick. The unique fit makes your well-defined body look even better and draws the eyes of the party on you.

Do yourself some good with a polo shirt by Majestic Filatures.