MC2 Saint Barth polo shirts for men

MC2 Saint Barth was founded by two young entrepreneurs in 1994. They drew inspiration from the sparkling colors of the Caribbean Sea, the white sand and magic atmosphere of the exotic island Saint Barth. After repeatedly visiting the Caribbean island, their idea to integrate the majesty and island flair of what meant paradise to them into a new collection of beach wear took shape. MC2 Saint Barth as a name draws reference to the beautiful island and the first airplane, which flew to Saint Barth from St. Martin. A new brand with options for all family members was born.

Polo shirts by MC2 Saint Barth – sporty and elegant

The polo shirts made by MC2 Saint Barth stand out due to their perfect fit, bright colors and high-quality textile materials. The use of 100% organic cotton makes sure the men’s polo shirt is your long-term, easy-care companion. These polo shirts will always shine a glamorous and stylish light on you, especially underlining your fitness. You are guaranteed to find the perfect, modern men’s polo shirt here, be it a single-color shirt with a pirate-style logo or an all-over flower print.