Superga ® – How it all started

It all began on 3 October 1911 when the Italian tyre manufacturer Walter Martiny started making boots with waterproof soles. A little later, there followed the classic sport shoe 2750 with a vulcanised rubber sole, which today is so famous and popular.

The new company name Superga ® was quickly found; it was named after a local church of pilgrimage.

In 1934, other shoe models were added to the range, for use in various sports such as tennis, basketball, sailing and fitness training. Between 1952 and 1975, the merger with Pirelli ensured a giant leap in production. Very soon, the brand achieved cult status.

Sneaker for the modern man

Today, the classic Superga® 2750 sneaker is a cult object loved equally by men, women, children and teenagers. These trendy shoes are available in countless colours and materials and are the perfect choice for any occasion.

Muted colours such as black, grey, blue and white can be combined well with the classic outfit, but a fashionable accent can be highlighted with the bright colours pink, red, yellow and green.

A shoe for all occasions

With the Cotu sneakers from Superga, walking is always a joy. They make your feet feel good in the office, when strolling, during sport and on the yacht. Superga® shoes make an impressive improvement to any gentleman’s outfit, they are comfortable yet still stylish, and with their diversity of colours and materials they offer many combination options.

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