Consumers Information

Important information for consumers

Hereinafter please find all essential consumer information that we must disclose due to legal obligations.
1.    Identity and address of the provider/entrepreneur:
Honold GmbH
Bopserwaldstr. 64
70184 Stuttgart
phone: +49 / 711 / 50 43 58 24
fax: +49 / 711 / 51 89 05 28
Email address:

2.    Warranty:
We advise you that in case of defectiveness of the delivered goods you are entitled to the legally prescribed warranty rights vis-à-vis our company.

3.    Right of revocation:
As a consumer, your are entitled to the right of revocation. Please find our information concerning the right of revocation, the revocation instruction and the revocation form here.

4.    Identification and correction of input errors
Before sending your order, all details of your order such as kind and amount of the goods, prices, shipping costs, your address entry and other information essential for your order. If some indications are false, you can change them there by ticking „change“ and by correcting your indications or by removing individual articles or by changing the amount before sending your order. If necessary, you can cancel the order procedure completely. After sending your order, the correction of input errors is only possible via email or by phone.

5.    Technical steps that lead to the conclusion of contract
At the end of the order procedure, an order summary appears containing all necessary information about your order. Only by pushing the button „commit to buy“, you make a binding contract statement. This statement we can accept according to our General terms and conditions.

6.    Storage of and access to the wording of the contract
We will store the wording of the contract (the general terms and conditions and the details of the order) and send it to you via email following your email. A later access for you is not possible. Before making the contract statement, however, you can print and store the order confirmation. You can always see, store and print the general terms and conditions on the site

7.    Contract languages
The contract language is either German or English.

8.    Delivery restrictions
We deliver to the following countries/regions:
European Union

9.    Means of payment:
We accept the following means of payment:
PayPal, credit card, instant bank transfer, direct debit Germany, payment in advance

10.    General terms and conditions
Please also observe our general terms and conditions.