Knowledge Cotton Apparel polo shirts for men

With more than 40 years of experience in textile production, Knowledge Cotton Apparel represents sustainability and quality. Cotton is and will remain one of the most popular raw materials with maximal comfort, durability, quality and breathing functionality. After learning that conventionally run cotton cultivation plants are really harmful to the environment, Knowledge Cotton Apparel made the decision to switch to a 100% certified organic bio-cotton production process. Their vision is to protect the environment, respect our planet and lead the way into a sustainable future. That’s what the company wants to pass on to the customers and leave as a legacy for future generations.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel chose their logo quite carefully. The owl as a trademark is considered to represent the character of the brand: natural, honest, open, curious, strong and friendly.

Men’s polo shirts by Knowledge Cotton Apparel: athletic and comfortable

The polo shirts by Knowledge Cotton Apparel are of highest quality and combine a classic with a casual style. The polo shirts in organic Piqué cotton speak for themselves. The perfect fit combined with hand-selected details, like a big logo-print in used look and the little owl stitching on the chest make these polo shirts for men by Knowledge Cotton Apparel unmistakable. There’s just the right shirt for every man: From cool to casual, from contemporary to classic polo shirts in white or black. The polo shirts by Knowledge Cotton Apparel are the right companion during sports, in your free time, at a casual dinner and in the office. It’s safe to say that wearing a polo shirt by Knowledge Cotton Apparel makes you a part of the environmental protection of our planet, which just may be the most important message of our time.

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