Original Penguin polo shirts for men

Original Penguin – From underwear to polo shirts

Underwear manufacturer Penguin was established in the 50’s in Minnesota. The company’s major growth spurt occurred in the 80’s. The company developed further and started producing more and more sportswear. The original Penguin golf polo shirt eventually reached mass popularity and has been the company’s flagship product ever since. Surely popular characters like Richard Nixon and Frank Sinatra were major contributors to the shirt’s success, as they wore it in public. Today the “old” label appears in new glory, thanks to its young, progressive designers.

Stylistic home runs for the confident man

Original Penguin offers fashion-conscious, modern men everything their wardrobe needs. Contemporary fashion is often thrilling, eye-catching, and quite often a bit too much. This is why Original Penguin sticks to its proven, natural path and presents itself elegantly and friendly. All pieces give the wearer a feel of the classic 50’s charm, mixed with today’s latest fashion trends. Original Penguin manages to be captivating, not by overusing embellishments, but through pleasant, high-grade, carefully processed materials, nice cuts and beautiful colors.

Men polo shirts – Natural and light

In the meantime, the label’s well-known golf polo has been made available in many different colors and forms. The long sleeve polo shirt in elegant colors, like black or dark-blue, underlines a strong and powerful appearance, especially when worn in a business outfit under a vest or jacket. The more playful short sleeve polo shirts, with stripes, contrasting seams and true, highlighted chest pockets, are an excellent match for your next visit to a golf or polo competition. However, the polo shirt by Original Penguin is also the perfect companion on a trip to the beach combined with Bermuda shorts and flip-flops.