Aeronautica Militare polo shirts for men

Aeronautica Militare – Italian design clothing with a flair of air force

Christiano Sperotto opened his own tailor shop in Thiene after World War II, in which he produced high-quality leather goods. 15 years later, he begins to manufacture clothing, like tops and leather jackets, for the Italian Air Force. Since 2004 Aeronautica Militare is allowed to use the official batches and patches of the Italian Air Force and those of the aerobatic squadron Frecce Tricolori as part of their clothing. That makes for an absolute unique selling point, which gives the brand its own style with an authentic feel. Aeronautica Militare creates unforgettable aviary fashion in true aircraft pilot’s style – unmistakable

High-quality fashion made in Italy for men with style

Aeronautica Militare processes only high-grade materials and creates something special with every piece they make. The comfortable cuts, the sleek designs and matching colors, as well as the tuned fit leave the wearer with a feeling of freedom and vitality. When trying to leave behind the stress of everyday life in their free time and relax, the polo shirt for men is a perfect match. You can’t help but notice the undeniable, unique military style of the polo shirts, which makes them an absolute eye-catcher at every party, especially when combined with aviator sunglasses.